As a retailer, you do more than process sales. That's why "Inventory Master" Software for retail helps you to manage inventory, run reports, order from suppliers, and handle the day-to-day of running a retail business. Inventory Master with its wide range of analytical but simple reporting keeps you updated with your current business scenario all the time.          

Key Features

  • Absolutely easy Startup
  • Easy and User-Friendly Operation
  • Product Cataloging System with Classifications and Branding (Pictures of Items)
  • Credit and Debit Notes
  • Customer Contact Management
  • Product Purchase Management
  • Supplier Payment Management
  • Product Sales By POS Screen and General Screen
  • Buyer Due CollectionManagement
  • Production Management
  • HR
  • Payroll
  • Buyer/Supplier At a glance Ledger (Payable and Receivables Net balancing)
  • Inventory and Stock Management(with Serial no based inventory options)
  • Warranty and Replacement Options (After Sales Service Tracking)
  • Password protected user screen and Secured Menu interface
  • Database Backup
  • Instant Profitability Calculation
  • Standard MIS(Reporting)
  • Financial Analysis
  • Business Analysis
  • And 100+ easy reporting

Details all Feature

Software Configuration

  • Company Name, Address, Phone, E-mail, logo and web address setup
  • Opening Accounts Setup
  • Product Information like Product Category,Sub Category&Brand Setup
  • Product Barcode Setup
  • Product Image, Unit Type, Opening Unit/Cost
  • With or without Serial products using option
  • Bank setups
  • And some other one time setup options

Purchase Management

  • Purchase
  • Supplier Information setup
  • Supplier wise Purchase System
  • Supplier Name, Date, Time Tracking
  • Serial & Non Serial Product Entry
  • Purchase Order&Approval System
  • Instant editing of Purchase
  • Purchase Cancel
  • Purchase Return

Purchase Report

  • Purchase Slip Report
  • Date wise Purchase Report
  • Supplier wise Purchase Report
  • User wise Purchase Report


  • Cash/Supplier wise Payment Option
  • Payment Type (Cash/Bank)
  • Payment Cancel

Payment Report

  • Individual Payment Slip Report
  • Date wise payment Report
  • Supplier wise payment Report
  • User Wise Payment Report

Sales and Ordering

  • Quick Sales option (POS Screen)
  • Bar Code tracker in sales
  • Instant Collection By Cash/Bank/Credit Card
  • Discount option of any Invoice
  • Due Sales option
  • Sales Edit
  • Sales Return
  • Sales Cancel

Sales Report

  • Individual Invoice Report
  • Date wise Sales Report
  • Customer wiseSales Report
  • Product wiseSales Report
  • Sales Person wiseSales Report
  • Sales Return Report
  • Sales Cancel Report
  • Gross Profit Invoice wise and Date wise.


  • Buyer wise Collection Option
  • Different collection Type (Cash/Bank.)
  • Collection Cancel

Collection Report

  • Money Receipt Report
  • Date wise Collection Report
  • Customer wise collection Report
  • User wise Collection Report

Stock Report

  • Detail stock report (with or without serial)
  • Stock Ledger Report

Manual Voucher

  • Voucher Entry (Debit/Credit)
  • Voucher Cancel
  • Voucher Posting

Accounts Report

  • Transaction ledger Report
  • Trial Balance Report
  • Profit & Loss Report
  • Balance Sheet Report
  • Capital Statement Report
  • Business Summery Report
  • Account Ledger Report
  • Voucher report
  • Chart of Account Report

Things to do

  • Personal Diary
  • Reminder

Security & MaintenanceOverall Security features

  • User accounts creation and giving permission by the System Administrator
  • Logon and logout information of user
  • Menu level security permission

Back up features

  • Auto Backup
  • Manual Backup
  • Retrieve provision from backup

Upcoming Feature

  • Production Management
  • Multiple Locations (branches) and Multiple Company Operation
  • Stock Transfer From Branch To Branch
  • Combined stock location wise
  • Fixed Asset Management

Support and Service

  • Online (Email and Support Ticket) support
  • Unlimited Telephone support from dedicated call center
  • Free update
  • Free Business Management consulting service
  • DatabaseBackup Monitoring
  • Service and Maintenance Contract

Our Commitment

Datasource commits the maintenance of its clients' valued data with 100% satisfaction. If data backup are regularly kept with care, the software has the ability to save users anytime with integrity and perfections. Any justified requirements from users are welcome to be integrated with upcoming versions. So don't hesitate to be our consulting partners any time. Any dealer of Datasource is strictly instructed to listen customer's voice. Users can directly mail to with full confidentiality any time regarding any related matters.   *** All features may not be available in all versions depending on the grading of versions. Technical Specifications of the Software